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Back to Square One

Ok, so now I've decided to stick to my original uni place, after the midwifery thing flopped.

Ding Dong - round 4 of trying to retake the first year at *** University!

Applying for a whole 'nother course

I am currently in the process of leaving my afore-mentioned uni place to start a whole new brand-spanking course.


So I'm transitioning from being of an ultra-academic History course, to taking a clinical/biological degree which is Midwifery. Can't wait to see if my university choices accept me.
Yet another retake, I'm doing mega revision, however I cannot retain A SINGLE FACT. Thanks depression and anxiety disorder for bulldozing my brain's internal mechanisms...blah blah whatever you call it.

Will probably fail or drop out of my precious university seat. I will have to research into careers and alternative routes outside of university.x

Feeling Low

Just blowing off some steam here!

Exams coming to a close

Exam related problems

- I don't have the money to pay for the re-takes
-I am currently broke, so have no resources to pay off my re-takes, and to pay for all the equipment to need to go to the library, i.e. a weekly bus pass, books, food to eat during my lengthily stays at the library.
- I also feeling a bit low at the moment, my current mood is just slowing me down from studying.

Alhamdulilah, I have a month and a half until my exams left ! Good enough for me to catch up!

Anticipating the new Azaelia Banks record?

Gorl hurry up! Most anticipated album of this year, no doubt. Keep listening to fantasea, over an over again. I must admit I wasn't really into her at first, and scrolled past every ontd post about her. But seriously Fantasea was one of the best mixtapes I've ever really listened to... not that I listen to many mixtapes!